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Leora Laor

Born 1952 in Jerusalem, Israel


1981 The New School, Photography Department, New York
1978 School of Visual Arts (S.V.A.), Photography Department, New York
1973-7 Film and T.V. Department, Jewish History, Tel Aviv University (B.F.A)

Solo Exhibitions

2016  Leora Laor, Metamodernism ≠ Utopia, Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa
2005 Wanderland #2, Andrea Meislin Gallery, New-York
2006 Images of Light, Ellen Curlee Gallery, St. Louis 
2005 Images of Light, Stephen Daiter Gallery, Chicago
2005 Leora Laor, Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv
2004 Wanderland, Andrea Meislin Gallery, New York
1984 Leora Laor, Bess Cutler Gallery, New York
1983 Leora Laor, Oggi Domani Gallery, New York
1983 Leora Laor, Bess Cutler Gallery, New York

Selected Group Exhibitions

2018 Cherchez la femme: Wig, Burqa, Wimple, Jewish Museum of Franconia, Fürth
2018 All in the Family, Family Legacy in Israeli Art, The Deparetment of the Arts,
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Be'er Sheva (Cat.)
2018 Cherchez la femme: Wig, Burqa, Wimple, the Jewish Museum Berlin, Berlin (Cat.)
2018 Pillar of Cloud, Hermann Struck Museum, Haifa
2016 Quest, Tel-Hai Museum, Tel Hai
2016 Plaster 4, Art for Physicians for Human Rights-Israel, Fund raising
2016 Artists for Lechol Nefesh, Fund - Raising Exhibition, Kastiel, Tel-Aviv
2016 Virtual Reality, Andrea Meislin Gallery, New York (Online Exhibition)
2016 Masters, Andrea Meislin Gallery, New York (Online Exhibition)
2015 By The Sea, Sara Arman Gallery, Tel-Aviv
2015 Quest, Benyamini Center, Tel-Aviv
2014 Light Paintings, Hanina Contemporary Art Gallery, Tel-Aviv
2013/16 Games in Light and Shadows, Bloomfield Science Museum, Jerusalem
2013 Wandering, Granata # 2, Hansen House, Jerusalem
2012 Paris Photo- Vu Par David Lynch, Paris, represented by Andrea Meislin Gallery, New York (Cat.)
2012 AIPAD Photography Show, represented by Andrea Meislin Gallery, New York
2012 A Prayer is a Prayer is a Prayer, Andrea Meislin Gallery, New York
2012 MIA – Milan Image Art Fair, Italy, represented by Andrea Meislin Gallery, New York
2012 Summer Solstice, Andrea Meislin Gallery, New York
2011 Venice Memoir, Zemack Gallery, Tel-Aviv
2011 Pudeurs et Coleres de Femmes, Villa Empain, Foundation Boghossian, Brussels
2011 Israeli Texture, Contemporary Israeli Art Collection of the Knesset, Knesset, Jerusalem
2010/11 From the Collection, Barsky Gallery, The Jewish Museum, New-York 
2010 Scoop New York, represented by Andrea Meislin Gallery 
2009 Artist Women, Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem
2009 2009 Tel Aviv Time, Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, Tel-Aviv 
2008 Discount Bank Collection, Ashdod Art Museum, Ashdod
2008 Inside Israel, Traveling exhibition in China, Three Gorges Museum, Chongqing, Shanjhai & Beijing, China
2008 Realite Passee, Realite Presente, Hagalleria, Paris
2008 Dateline Israel: Recent Photography and Video, The Jewish Museum, Maryland 
2007 Art Forum Berlin, represented by Dvir Gallery, Tel-Aviv
2007 Photographia Romantica, Romantic Perspectives in Contemporary Israeli Photography, Rome 
2007 Group exhibition, The Hoenich Gallery in the Faculty of Architecture, Technion, Haifa 
2007 Dateline Israel: Recent Photography and Video, The Jewish Museum Berlin, Germany
2007 Stills 07-08, Oranim Art institute, Tivon, Israel
2007 Bare Life, Museum On the Seam, Socio-Political Contemporary, Jerusalem 
2007 Current Visions: Inside Israel (Part 2), Andrea Meislin Gallery, New-York
2007 Dateline Israel: Recent Photography and Video, The Jewish Museum, New-York
2007 Art Basel Miami, represented by Andrea Meislin Gallery, New York 
2006 Metaphysical Light in Israeli Photography, Bat-Yam Museum of Art 
2006 Wanderland, Mies van der Rohe Building Museum Haus Lange, Kunstmuseen, Krefeld, Germany
2006 Pulse, Miami Beach 2006, represented by Andrea Meislin Gallery New York
2005 Recent acquisitions / Nieuwe Aanwinsten, Museum of Photography, The Hague
2005 The Constantiner Photography Award for an Israeli Artist, Tel Aviv Musuem of Art, Tel Aviv
2005 Lights, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
2005 Chaim-Life: Israel Through the Photographer’s Lens, The Laurie M. Tisch Gallery, The JCC Manhattan, New York
2005 Fotografia Israellana Contemporana, Hendrik C. Anderson, Rome
2005 Luca Pagliari and Others, After Hopper, Bonni Benrubi Gallery, New York
2004 Etude Pour un Premier Amour, Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv
2004 Water Water Everywhere, Andrea Meislin Gallery, New York
2004 Current Visions: Inside Israel, Andrea Meislin Gallery, New York
2004 Unique, B.M.W. Prix, Paris Photo, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris
2004/6 Shadows and Silhouettes, The Israel Museum of Art, Jerusalem (Disk)
2000 Saying Hello, Gallery for Peace, Center for Arts, Givat-Haviva
1999 Illusions, New Art Workshop, Ramat Eliyahu, Tel Aviv
1989 Alef Alef Bgimel, Gimel Gallery, Jerusalem
1988 Three-Year Anniversary Exhibition, Achad Ha'am Gallery, Dizengoff Center, Tel Aviv
1984 Landscapes and Mindscapes, The American Cultural Center in conjunction with Gallery Contretype, Brussels
1984 Summer Group Show, Bess Cutler Gallery, New York
1984 H2O, Curated by the Art Advisory Service Association Council, The Museum of Modern Art, New York
1984 Photo Limbo, Limbo Lounge, New York
1984 Just Appearances, New Math Gallery, New York
1984 Limbo, P.S.1, Long Island City, New York
1984 New Galleries in the East Village, Artists Space, New York
1984 Contemporary Israeli Photography, Lieberman & Saul Gallery, New York
1983 Terminal New York, Brooklyn Army Terminal, New-York
1983 Photo-Vision 83’, Foto Gallery, New York
1983 Group Preview, Oggi Domani, New York
1983 Variations, Caidoz Gallery, New York
1983 The Ritz, Collaborative Projects Inc., Washington D.C
1983 7 Days of Creation, ABC–No Rio, New York
1982 Pinko, West-Beth Painters Space, New York
1982 Salmagundi First Annual Photography & Sculpture Exhibition, New York
1982 Photography Show, Foto Gallery, New York
1981 Erotic Photography, Stephen Rose Gallery, Boston


2005 Leon Constantiner Photography Award for an Israeli Artist, Tel-Aviv



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2017 Il Trirrico by Giacomo Puccini, Munich National Opera, Munchen, Libretto, pp. 4-5 (Cat.)
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2015 Andrea Meislin Gallery 10 Years, Printed on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the Andrea Meislin Gallery, 2015, pp. 120-121, 138-139
2014 Milly Heyd, The Running Girl in Mea Shearim: Gender, Nostalgia, and the Uncanny in Leora Laor's Photography (2002-2004), Visual Constructs of Jerusalem, B. Kühnel, G. Noga-Banai, H. Vorholt (eds.) Brepols, 2014, photos p. xxv, pp. 153-158
2013 Annelien De Troij, Elisa De Wyngaert en Sarah Gallasz, Mea Shearim: eeen Joods Orthodox eiland in Jerusalem. een interview met Leora Laor en een studie naar de vrouwelijke identitieit, De Lagen Van Jerusalem, Facetten Van Eeen Hemelse Stad Op Aarde, Barbara Baert & Niels Schalley (eds), 2013 ,p. 33-56
2013 Jene Lee, Value vs. Value: An inside look at appraising artworks in museums, Dec.14, 2013, Createquity (Web platform for arts policy and related issues)
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The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY
The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas
Gemeentemuseum Den Haag Museum for Contemporary Art (GEM), Hague, Netherlands
The Jewish Museum, Berlin, Germany
The Jewish Museum, New York, NY 
The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel
Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Knesset Israel Parliament Art Collection, Jerusalem, Israel
Leon & Michaela Constantiner, New York, NY
ESKFF foundation (Eilleen S. Kaminsky Family Foundation), New-Jersey
Israeli Art Collection, Schusterman Center for Israel Studies, Brandeis Uni. Waltham, MA 
Viviane Bergman, Fine Art, New York, NY
Wolfgang Tillmans Collection, Berlin, Germany
I.B.M. White Plains, NY
Jordache Enterprises, New York, NY
Colgate-Palmolive Corporation, New York, NY
Smart Foundation, New York, NY
McDonals'd Corp, New York, NY
Coca-Cola Corp, New York, NY
Liberty of The Seas Royal Caribbean
Time For Art, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Discount Bank, Israel
Private Collections


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