Photo: © Nagy Norbert

Leora Laor was born in Israel. She graduated in Film, Television and History at Tel Aviv University (B.F.A.) 1973-1977. Laor worked as a freelance photographer as well as in production and still photography in television and in films

From 1979-1987 Laor lived, studied and worked in the United States. There she studied photography in The School of Visual Arts (1979-1981). She was advised by the painter and art director Marvin Israel to study photography with the Austrian born Lisette Model at the New School for Social Research (1981).

In 1981 Laor moved to East Village. The East Village art scene was a hottopic of New York's mid 80's .She was one of the group of staffphotographers of the Oggi Domani Gallery, the only photography gallery in East Village. Oggi Domani had exhibited a range of nondocumentary photographers such as Zeke Berman and Jimmy De Sana. In 1983 she had a one-person show in this gallery. Leora Laor partook in the two largest surveys at Artist Space, 'New Galleries in the East Village' and in 'Limbo' at PS1. These two exhibitions provided an introductory sampling of the new art, in the two oldest alternative spaces. During these years Laor documented the neighborhood's changing character of East Village. From street life scenes and architectural imagery to lively social scenes in galleries and clubs. Graffiti, made a great pool of visual images , found on buildings, walls and back alleys.

Laor was also associated with the Bess Cutler Gallery in Soho. She had two solo shows there (1983,1984). Laor participated in these years in many group exhibitions such as 'Landscapes and Mindscapes'. An exhibition of Contemporary American Photography organized by The American Cultural Center, in Brussels. This show presented eight different modes of perception of 'given' reality such as Lee Friedlander's, Peter Downsbrough's and John Charles Woods'.

Her work is to be found in many private collections, as well as public collections, such as Metropolitan Museum of Art N.Y. Since 2002 she has made a comeback into fine art photography. Laor is once more motivated by a sense of pictorial wonder and urban alienation which come out through her special vision and unique technique.